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Ohio Choose Life Inc. c/o Beth Sidel
33124 Meadow Green Ct,
Leesburg Florida 34748

Contact: Beth Sidel
Email: lifedeac@live.com

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Ohio Choose Life Inc. 




Listen to our Public Service Announcement.






Please play our public service announcement at your church, organization meeting or local radio station.


  Help us spread the word! 

Since then we have helped so many and even have 2 plate selections now, a new look to our website and assisting women when they need a helping hand during thier pregnancy and building families one at a time through adoption.

The Choose Life specialty license plate is on sale across the state for cars, light trucks, motorcycles, and mopeds! Become a moving billboard for Life! Promote the loving option of infant adoption wherever you drive.


  To date through March 31,2019 Ohio's Choose Life plates have generated  now over $585,089.00 that assist Ohio's non profit pregnancy care facility's maternity homes, adoption efforts.
We are so grateful for each Ohio motorist that continues supporting with the purchase and or renewal each year.

We will be updating our sales bi-annually on this website.


          Your continued support is appreciated.

See the plate design choices.
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Many of the PCC's and maternity homes are working hand in hand with non-profit adoption facilities to complete the circle for adoption and are building one family at a time and at the same time reaching out to women during an unplanned pregnancy.We also need you to promote the plate in newsletters, fair booths bulletin boards as so on, so we can grow the fund for you.Many do not know about the Choose Life efforts in Ohio.



Building families one at a time for Ohio.

You know the choose life plate makes a great gift for parents/grandparents, that may be on a fixed income.

Renew it each year for them on their birthday! How cool.

 Visit the "order product" link on the left of this homepage.

  Our promotional poster cards (link on left), and many other items of interest are there for your convenience.

To exchange your current license plate for the Choose Life plate, just take your current registration  of the vehicle and tell the registrar you would like to exchange it for the Ohio Choose Life plate. This can be done at any time during the year.They pro-rate the charges to your next renewal date.

So when you get the urge you need not delay.

         There are  two plates  to choose from.

Subject: Choose Life Program-SFY 18 Application 

Choose Life Applicants:

Greetings and thank you for your interest in the Ohio Choose Life Program. If you’re applying for the SFY 18 Choose Life funds, the link below will allow you to download the application and all of the necessary forms. 

The following are a few pointers:

All applications are due by June 1st which is on Friday (no exceptions). All applications postmarked by June 1st or prior to June 1st  will be reviewed. Application dated after June 1 will not be accepted. 

SFY 18 Application Link Below:


Good luck and let me know if you have any questions.

Marius Igwe, M.Ed., LPC, LICDC-CS

Public Health Consultant 

Ohio Department of Health

Bureau of Maternal, Child and Family Health

246 N. High St., 

Columbus OH 43215

E. mail: Marius.igwe@odh.ohio.gov

Phone #: 614-466-4634



Direct questions about the applications process to Ohio Department of Health. Always apply on updated forms each year in case any changes were made.


We are grateful to the Ohio Department of Health for making possible the link (below)for those agencys applying for Choose Life Funds in Ohio. All the needed forms and instructions are listed for your convenience.


Questions on fund distribution contact:

Program Administrator 3

Ohio Department of Health

Division of Family and Community Health Services





  Any passenger vehicle, any non commercial pick up truck or trailer, motor home/camper or any hauling trailer or boat trailer.


~~ Below in the photo is Russ and Jill Amerling from Choose Life National visiting in Apple Creek Ohio to celebrate the Ohio Choose  Life license plate going on sale in May of 2005. ~~ 

Lois Morrison, Ruth O'loughlin, Connie Jordan, Russ & Jill, Beth Sidel, Mary Naumoff
Lois Morrison, Ruth O'loughlin, Connie Jordan, Russ & Jill Amerling , Beth Sidel, Mary Naumoff



Above ,Ohio Choose Life Bill signed into law  by  Ohio  Governor Bob Taft.



A recent national survey among teenage girls reported that 82% believe their unmarried peers should offer their babies for adoption if they don't want them. For teens and older women alike such a decision can be not only difficult but also expensive.

 The financial costs associated with a full term pregnancy are often too extreme for some women to bear. Many non-profit organizations and volunteers across the state of Ohio offer assistance to these women in their time of need. Assistance includes such things as maternity clothing, food, housing, medical expenses and transportation. If a woman choose to bring a life into this world and offer her baby for adoption, she deserves all of the assistance and caring we can provide.

The revenues generated from "Choose Life" license plates would service two easily identifiable needs in Ohio. First and foremost it would provide much needed revenue to continue assistance to pregnant women who are planning to offer their child for adoption and it would provide financial assistance to agencies involved in the adoption and counseling efforts.

 Please encourage your churches or organizations for  their SUPPORT .Promoting is great and beneficial for your county.If your organization is hosting a fair booth, this is a great time to spread the word! A radio spot announcement maybe.Newspaper ads!Please help spread the word in Ohio. What a wonderful mission project too.

 This wonderful effort offers another avenue of hope to these women and girls, through your local pregnancy care centers,  non-profit maternity homes, and non-profit  adoptions agencies and other centers in your county. 

What a testimony you are on the highway!

 Some have asked what happens if your county does not have a  pregnancy care center.Not to worry. The surrounding county that services your county may have the opportunity of the funds, so please purchase the plate to help them. Do not let that discourage or stand in the way of the benefits of your purchase!

*Remember that each tag sold by exchange and or renewal ANNUALLY in your county will bring $20 into the Choose Life fund in Ohio then it goes back to your county where the tag was sold and will extend help to women and girls with pregnancy needs during an unplanned pregnancy, and offer the option of adoption for their unborn child. This is why it is important for everyone to help promote the plate throughout the year.

If anyone has the access to radio spot advertising  or billboards and sponsored ad's would be great to the cause of spreading the news of this wonderful organization and the benefits.

We are still hoping for commercial plate option. 

Are you pregnant and need help from caring people ?

Interested in adoption?

     Stacy D. Braun, PC  Assistant Director

 Spirit of Faith Adoptions

  330-315-5077 (Phone & Fax)

website: www.spiritoffaithadoptions.org


 Pregnancy Care Center of Wayne County

Wooster, OH 44691


 website: http://www.pccwayne.org


     Hannahs Home

Phone 1 (440) 209-96151 (440) 209-9615
Website http://www.hannahshome.org/



Community Pregnancy Center, 3717 Roosevelt Blvd., Middletown, OH 45044
MOBILE:   (513)  465-4785



May 1,2019  Updated.