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Legislative Information:



 3701.65. "Choose life" fund.



(A) There is hereby created in the state treasury the "choose

life" fund. The fund shall consist of the contributions that are

paid to the registrar of motor vehicles by applicants who

voluntarily elect to obtain "choose life" license plates

pursuant to section 4503.81 of the Revised Code and any money

returned to the fund under division (E)(1)(d) of this section.

All investment earnings of the fund shall be credited to the



(B) (1) At least annually, the director of health shall

distribute the money in the fund to any private, nonprofit

organization that is eligible to receive funds under this

section and that applies for funding under division (C) of this



(2) The director shall distribute the funds based on the county

in which the organization applying for funding is located and in

proportion to the number of "choose life" license plates issued

during the preceding year to vehicles registered in each county.

Within each county, eligible organizations that apply for

funding shall share equally in the funds available for

distribution to organizations located within that county.


(C) Any organization seeking funds under this section annually

shall apply for distribution of the funds. The director shall

develop an application form and may determine the schedule and

procedures that an organization shall follow when annually

applying for funds. The application shall inform the applicant

of the conditions for receiving and using funds under division

(E) of this section. The application shall require evidence that

the organization meets all of the following requirements:


(1) Is a private, nonprofit organization;


(2) Is committed to counseling pregnant women about the option

of adoption;


(3) Provides services within the state to pregnant women who

are planning to place their children for adoption, including

counseling and meeting the material needs of the women;


(4) Does not charge women for any services received;


(5) Is not involved or associated with any abortion activities,

including counseling for or referrals to abortion clinics,

providing medical abortion-related procedures, or pro-abortion



(6) Does not discriminate in its provision of any services on

the basis of race, religion, color, age, marital status,

national origin, handicap, gender, or age.


(D) The director shall not distribute funds to an organization

that does not provide verifiable evidence of the requirements

specified in the application under division (C) of this section

and shall not provide additional funds to any organization that

fails to comply with division (E) of this section in regard to

its previous receipt of funds under this section.


(E) (1) An organization receiving funds under this section

shall do all of the following:


(a) Use not more than sixty per cent of the funds distributed

to it for the material needs of pregnant women who are planning

to place their children for adoption or for infants awaiting

placement with adoptive parents, including clothing, housing,

medical care, food, utilities, and transportation;


(b) Use not more than forty per cent of the funds distributed

to it for counseling, training, or advertising;


(c) Not use any of the funds distributed to it for

administrative expenses, legal expenses, or capital



(d) Annually return to the fund created under division (A) of

this section any unused money that exceeds ten per cent of the

money distributed to the organization.


(2) The organization annually shall submit to the director an

audited financial statement verifying its compliance with

division (E)(1) of this section.


(F) The director, in accordance with Chapter 119. of the

Revised Code, shall adopt rules to implement this section.


It is not the intent of the general assembly that the

department create a new position within the department to

implement and administer this section. It is the intent of the

general assembly that the implementation and administration of

this section be accomplished by existing department personnel.

In the event of any amendments made to this bill contact the Ohio Department of Health for a copy of the Choose Life bill.